Book Tour Stop #13: Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC

I knew I wanted to come to Flyleaf. After all, this was the place where I walked in the door and found one of the owners holding a brand-new copy of my brand-new galley. Basically, Flyleaf and I are in love, and not doing an event here was NOT an option. I had a delightful time—lots of friends and lots of strangers, and best of all, lots of conversation about books over wine and french fries afterward. Land and I got into a fistfight when my friend asked the table to recommend a book about New Orleans but then we both agreed it was The Moviegoer and everything was peachy again. I think I asked them to hire me 16 times. We’ll see how it goes. 

What a wonderful event!

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    What a wonderful event!
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    This author is talented, adorable, and really engaging. And the bookshop, Flyleaf Books, is one of the places I dream of...
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