Scenes from last night’s bash celebrating Claire Vaye Watkins and her forthcoming story collection BATTLEBORN.

Top Left: Mixologist Eben Klemm whips up his intoxicating Ghost cocktail - a deadly blend of absinthe, liquid nitrogen and other tasty ingredients, while Riverheaders look on in wonder. 

Top Right: Mixologist Ben shakes up a Cowboy cocktail grapefruit tequila with salt & beef jerky rimmed glasses.

Center: The lovely and talented Claire Vaye Watkins takes center stage for a series of toasts (some touching, some hilarious) from party hosts John Freeman of Granta, agent Nicole Arragi, Lorin Stein from the Paris Review, One Story’s Hannah Tinti and editor Becky Saletan. 

Bottom Left: Party guests get down to business smashing geodes.

Bottom Center: Penguin peeps comparing geodes

Bottom Right: Swag bags filled with issues of The Paris Review, Granta, One Story and beautiful cacti 

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